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Text Marketing

Step 1: Choose your code

We'll work with you to put you on the right number for your text marketing.
An example of a short code for text marketing.

Dedicated Short Code

Five or six-digit number, easy to remember for text marketing and best for mass messaging. Dedicated short codes available upon qualified request. 

A visual long code example for text marketing.

10DLC (aka Long code)

Want your texts to come from a specific area code? Send SMS using a local, standard (10-digit) phone number.

A visual example of a toll free number in text marketing.

Toll-free numbers

Prefer to send from a business toll-free number, such as a 1-800 number? We can make that happen too! 

A visual example of international texting for text marketing.

International SMS

We are connected to mobile carriers globally so that you can send SMS to your users wherever they are.

Step 2: Grow your list

Using our growth tools, you'll allow your customers to opt-in to your segmented audiences.

Text to Join Keywords

Use keywords and short codes to drive opt-ins and track customer acquisition by source.

A visual example of opt-in pages in text marketing.

Opt-in pages

Use our hosted opt-in pages to grow your list or a web widget to get signups from your website

A visual example of embedded forms in text marketing.

Embedded Form

Place embedded forms into your websites so you can collect information from visitors without visitors needing to leave your web page.

A visual example of a QR code in text marketing.

QR Codes

Create downloadable QR codes to use and grow your list.

Zapier's logo for their integrations with text marketing.

Zapier Powered Integrations

Utilize connections to over 2000+ other applications from forms to CRM and other marketing platforms to collect as many contacts as you can.

A visual example of importing contacts in text marketing.

Import Contacts

With contacts acquired using the proper disclosures, you can easily import your hard-earned contacts into our platform. 

Step 3: Engage and delight

What sets Mobiniti apart are top features, all included free of charge.
A visual example of campaigns in text marketing.


The crux of text message marketing, the messages you send to drive subscribers to become paying customers.

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A visual representation of contests in text marketing.


Easy to create, set a start/end, send the winner a message & allow multiple entries and winners.

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A visual example of a mobile coupon in text marketing.

Mobile Coupons + Mobile Wallets

Design coupons, limit redemptions, set timelines, and let subscribers store them in their mobile wallets so they always have them.

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A visual example of MMS messages in text marketing.

MMS Messages + File Attachments

Send an Image, Video or Audio that will appear right within the messaging application.

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A visual representation of birthday messages in text marketing.

Loyalty Programs + Birthday Message Series

Loyalty and Rewards just got simple. No card, no app needed and POS independent, reward people for being subscribers, especially on their birthday. (Optional kiosk)

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A visual example of 2-way inbox communication in text marketing.

Inbox 2-Way Communication

Communicate with your subscribers over the format they feel most comfortable communicating with.

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Step 4: Integrate and Automate

Everything can be automated and scheduled, from your campaigns to your responses.
A visual example of drip messages in text marketing.

Drip Messages

Automate messages to go out depending on how long they should wait after the campaign message sends.

A visual representation of automation in text marketing.


Tools that give you the ability to schedule personalized messages based on a variety of events.

A visual representation of integrations in text marketing.


Connect Mobiniti to several partners across eCommerce storefronts, email marketing, and social media sites.

A visual representation of tracking pixels in text marketing.

Tracking Pixels

Place unseeable pixels that will track and collect data on visitors who click your links and visit your web pages.

A visual representation of an auto-responder in text marketing.


Create compelling auto-responses that cause customers to react and take action.

A visual representation of Open API in text marketing.

Open API + Webhooks

Transfer and share any data you capture on this platform with other software applications that your business uses.

Step 5: Know Your Customers

Capture information on your subscribers and future customers to appeal to them as much as you can.
A visual representation of data capture in text marketing.

Data Capture

Capture specific information about each and every one of your mobile subscribers, like email or birth date.

A visual representation of social profiles in text marketing.

Social Profiles

Get a complete picture of who your customers are, who they influence and the messages that drive them.

A visual representation of feedback & reviews in text marketing.

Feedback & Reviews

Get feedback from customers (we store it for you) and encourage them to leave an online review.

A visual representation of custom fields in text marketing.

Custom Fields

Create custom contact fields that allow you to store any custom data fields you’d like.

Additional features

A visual example of advanced campaign filter.

Advanced Campaign Filtering

Segment your lists by only texting contacts with a specific click-thru rate, age-gates, and more. (Ex. CTR > 15%)

A visual representation of advanced tracking.

Advanced Data Tracking

We track link clicks, mobile coupon clicks, mobile coupon uses, subscriber list growth, message usage, and voice usage.

A visual representation of branded short domains.

Branded Short Domains

Drive CTR up to 34%. We replace mobn.it in your links with your brand name, allowing total control of your content.

A visual example of carrier lookup.

Carrier Lookup

Learn what line type subscribers are, whether they have a mobile, landline, or VOIP number, and who their carrier is, ex: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

A visual representation of dashboard analytics.

Dashboard Analytics

Track list growth, all of the messages types you use, time sent through voice, and bounces you get back. You can download this data for your own use.

A visual representation of delivery receipts in text marketing.

Delivery Receipts

We track and show whether or not your messages deliver in receipts back from the carrier, whether they delivered or bounced, etc.

A visual representation of downloading and removing bounces.

Download & Remove Bounces

When a message is sent to a number that is no longer in service or indefinitely unavailable a pre-set number of times, automatically suspend sending messages to it, and track how many times this happens.

A visual representation of our mobile app.

Mobile app

Send campaigns, get push notifications for incoming texts and reply to individual contacts.

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A visual example of a notification.


Your subscribers get notified not just for incoming texts, but from the coupons in their Mobile Wallets when they’re near your storefront.

Short Links & Advanced Tracking

Automatically have our platform shorten your links, make them unique to each recipient, and then track individual clicks on that short link.

Unsubscribe Compliance & BLDC

When a subscriber unsubscribes, we don’t let you message them without them subscribing back, so you can’t break any laws on purpose or by accident. You can track unsubscribes from the dashboard.