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Shopify Text Integration

Convert abandoned Shopify carts

3/4 of shoppers on Shopify abandon their carts
  1. Send a discount cart via text message to cart abandoners 
  2. Have an authentic conversation with your customers
  3. Increase your sales and grow your business

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    Complete More Sales

    Cart abandoners have a high level of buying intent, so remarketing to them via text message is a highly effective way to increase revenue.

    Improve User Experience

    Learn why users abandoned their carts in the first place and decrease the overall amount of cart abandoners by improving messaging.

    Build Brand Loyalty

    Delivering targeted messages and promotions to cart abandoners will help to strengthen their brand loyalty to you for quality service.

    Why use texts for cart abandonment?

    • Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate?
    • Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within just 3 minutes of being received?
    • Did you know that text messages average over 40% engagement rate?
    When you choose Mobiniti for your SMS cart abandonment marketing, you’ll get 100 free messages every month, detailed analytics, increased sales, and incredible ROI.

    Mobiniti offers key features you need.

    Positive/Negative Message Flow

    Feel your customer out before sending a discount. Ask if they want a discount, making it more conversational, and if they have a positive response, our system will automatically reply on your behalf with the discount message.

    Personalized and Timely Texts

    You can insert their first name, the item title, your store name, their cart URL, and more into the message. Decide when to automatically deploy your messages: minutes, hours, or days after a cart has been abandoned.  

    It doesn't end with Cart Abandonment

    Mobiniti offers a robust marketing platform that enables you to remarket to this new contact through any number of unique text marketing campaigns which can include contests, reviews, mobile coupons and more.