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Mobile Coupons + Mobile Wallets

Mobile Coupon

What are Mobile Coupons?

Mobile Coupons are the perfect way to prompt a sale.

All of the features of a paper coupon with the important benefit of being stored on a device people take everywhere.

It’s done by showing a UPC or QR code to a cashier or follow a link to a site and it’s done, discount used. 

Mobile coupons are the best incentive for driving sales.

The Power of Mobile Coupons

In the last five years, the number of Mobile Coupon users has nearly doubled from 560 million to 1.05 billion users.

Making the coupons available on mobile turns them into digital savings on a person’s phone.

People will never forget it at home, they’ll have an impetus to buy your product at any time.

Over 77% spend $10-50 when using a Mobile Coupon because of the idea of saving and because its always on hand.

This high usage and desirability drives more sales and spreads positive brand awareness. News of savings and good prices spread like wildfire. This can only do good things to the popularity and fame of your brand.

Subscribers will associate you with customer-friendly promotions even after the sales and discounts have come and gone.

Mobile Coupons are perfect for driving subscribers to your online and physical storefront.

Mobile Coupon Features

Fully Customizable

Add a logo, an image, your brand colors, and more to make your Mobile Coupons yours.

Detailed Analytics

Track your Mobile Coupons views, clicks, and redemptions.

Unique and Scannable Codes

Create or import unique codes to distinguish and track your Mobile Coupons.

Advanced Redemption Control

Control the number of times a coupon can be redeemed, there is no limit.

Mobile Wallets Integrated

All Mobile Coupons are compatible with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

Redemption Types

UPC/Bar Codes

With UPC/Bar codes, you can upload and enter your own codes to create UPC codes, or use static codes for your Mobile Coupons. Our UPC/Bar codes are compatible with most point-of-sale and CRM systems. They will work with in-store purchases, purchases from your online storefront. They’re compatible with both in-person and online storefronts at the same time, you only have to make one Mobile Coupon for both storefronts per discount.

QR Codes

Like with UPC/Bar codes, you can upload or enter your own codes to create QR codes, or use static codes for your Mobile Coupons. All QR codes are compatible with most point-of-sale and CRM software systems. They can work with in-person purchases and online storefronts. You can make a singular coupon for physical and digital purchases.

Redemption URL

You can enter a link to your coupon or a website with the coupon enabled into your Mobile Coupons. When they hit the redeem button, they will be automatically taken to the link.  The link can be to a Mobile Coupon download or the online storefront with the coupon enabled.

Unique Codes

While the three redemption types can share the same design in their body and heading, they each have unique kinds of code that users can utilize to their leisure. Redemption URLs take you to the website when clicked, UPC/Bar codes are scannable for in-person use, and so are QR codes. For each UPC or QR code, they use unique codes, that you can upload or make.

Mobile Wallets

What are Mobile Wallets?

Users can download their Mobile Coupons into Mobile Wallets, a digital storage device on their smartphone from where they can view and use Mobile Coupons. 

Most modern phones come with Mobile Wallets pre-downloaded so it’s rare to have a subscriber who doesn’t already have a Mobile Wallet for your Mobile Coupons.

Mobiniti has made sure that our Mobile Coupons are compatible with the most popular Mobile Wallets subscribers use.

An example of a Mobile Wallet.

The Power of Mobile Wallets

Mobile Coupons follow users everywhere they go with their phones, with 1 in 4 Americans spending more money when using a Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Coupon redemptions go hand-in-hand with Mobile Wallets, subscribers decide where their money is being spent because of Mobile Coupons in their Mobile Wallets. 

When a coupon is always there, they are always tempting subscribers. They’re never forgotten in a message box, they’re kept all in one easy to access location.

Mobile Wallets make subscribers feel like they’re wasting money by not using the Mobile Coupon you gave them.

Remove any reason to eat anywhere else but your restaurant by making sure your subscriber has a coupon for a discount. remove any reason to buy clothes anywhere else but your store when your subscriber has a discount on items they need.

Mobile Coupons will help anyone make the decision to go to your storefront, and Mobile Wallets make it possible.

An example of a different mobile wallet.

Notifications Feature

Mobile Coupons from Mobiniti can use push notifications to drive subscribers to use their coupons.

When their mobile phone is in close proximity to your store location, your Mobile Coupon in a subscriber’s Mobile Wallet alerts them.

This eliminates the worry of users forgetting they have a coupon, and drives them to make a purchase on impulse.

If they’re walking to lunch, to a clothing store, or anything, a reminder from a push notification just put your storefront to the top of the list over your competitors.

What services are we compatible with?

Apple iOS Passbook & Google Wallet

Attach to Anything

Campaign Messages

Campaign Messages are the crux of text marketing.  

 Attach a Mobile Coupon to Campaign messages to make them stronger. Strengthen your overall marketing efforts by giving your subscribers a reason to go out and make a purchase.

A Mobile Coupon adds urgency to your message. Your product is exciting, but a Mobile Coupon, whether the discount actually does so or not, makes it affordable and soon-to-be-unavailable.

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Contest Messages

Mobile Contests are an easy and cheap way to spurn excitement among your subscribers and get them thinking about your product.

Add a coupon to the Mobile Contest’s join message to start the contest off with a reward and breed loyalty in your subscribers.

Mobile Coupons also work as an excellent and cheap prize. Subscribers don’t have to do much to enter other than send a text, so when you can send them a Mobile Coupon you drive them to your storefront and get them talking about you.

If you have a bigger prize for the winner, send the contest’s losers or some of the contest’s losers some small coupons. Reward their loyalty, and they’ll make repeat visits to your storefront while they forget they even though they lost.

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Drip Messages

Drip messages follow-up the initial Campaign to organically and easily keep a campaign going.

Like Campaign messages, Drip messages drive subscriber action and revenue using Mobile Coupons.

When the Campaign needs to last a long time, adding several, small discount coupons to several, short, follow-up messages can keep a consistent drive to your store. 

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Automate drip messages like this with automation and integrations.

Abandoned Cart Messages

Shopify and Mobiniti have come together to create an integration. Now Mobiniti can send a message with a person’s abandoned cart to them when they leave a Shopify storefront before checkout.

When potential customers have a reason why they didn’t make the final purchase that reason is commonly the price. Mobile Coupons are the immediate fix to that problem.

Adding one to an abandoned cart message will make the price more appealing by being less than it was before. 

With our integration, Mobile Coupons have never been easier to use. You add the coupon to the message, and when they click on the link back to their abandoned cart. 

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An example of Zapier Integrations in use.