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What are Contests?

Using a keyword to opt-in like with your groups, you can create a contest to reward your current subscribers and draw in new ones.

You start a contest that’s easy to opt-in to, and it can last as long as you want with a winner(s) every week or all at the end of the month.

Then you can even send the losers a message with a Mobile Coupon to drive them to your storefront.

Similarly, you can send a prize from our platform too and you can send out links to who receives the prize. With this feature, you can automate the contest as much as possible.

Contests are both a feature to grow your text marketing lists and to engage with your subscribers.

The Power of Contests

Above all, the promise of the chance of a reward pulls people in. In addition, contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%. This makes it the perfect tool for garnering attention and capturing subscribers. 

This isn’t random, uncontrollable growth, this is your audience growing as a result of your marketing.

94.46% of the time, people who enter contests through digital means share the promotion immediately after they register. 62.13% of those people share with a friend.

This means when they want their friend to take part too, you find a new subscriber.

You’re not gaining random subscribers who have no interest in your product after the contest is over. You’re gaining subscribers who would be interested in your product.

If someone’s friend enjoys what you’re selling, odds are so will they.

Contests are a powerful growth tool and engagement tool.

Reward Your Subscribers

A reward for loyalty will keep subscribers from unsubscribing.

Contests are a marketing tool to garner attention and revenue. They are also a cheap loyalty program that builds excitement.

They can give out inexpensive rewards that don’t break up your budget, and realistic expectations that not every subscriber is getting a reward.

Mobiniti has a built-in Loyalty Program that can be used in tandem with Contests to bring the most to the subscriber experience. 

Read more about our Loyalty Program...

Discount Rewards

Add a coupon to the Mobile Contest’s entry confirmation message to start the contest off with a reward. You’ll breed loyalty in your subscribers.

Or use Mobile Coupons as a cheap prize for the winner. Subscribers have to do little to enter, and after that, that’s all they do.

More than that, when you can send them a Mobile Coupon you drive them to your storefront, losers and winners. 

If you have a bigger prize for the winner, send the contest’s losers, or a number of the contest’s losers small coupons. Reward their loyalty, and you’ll drive them to make repeat purchases.  At the same time, you’ll make them happy even though they lost.