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Loyalty Program + Birthday Message Series

Loyalty Program

What is a Loyalty Program?

Create a path for subscribers to earn rewards. You can reward subscribers for completing actions such as:

  • Being a long time subscriber.
  • Clicking through enough text messages.
  • Visiting your storefront.
  • Clicking through enough links.
  • Interacting with your contests.

They can earn points by completing these actions and our program tracks them for you to use for your marketing.

It’s loyalty made simple, no card or app needed, reward them from our browser application.

Here is what it looks like to make a loyalty program on Mobiniti's platform.

The Power of a Loyalty Program

On average, 46% of consumers said that they have increased their spending with companies because of the loyalty rewards they offer.

Loyalty Programs give your subscribers a reason to come back to you over your competitors. 87% of shoppers ask for their favorite brands to have loyalty programs because they don’t want to have to go somewhere else. 

But brand loyalty has to be a two-way street.

For many companies, 80% of their future profits will come from 20% of their existing customers. People always buy more from brands they love more than new customers.

Loyalty Programs keep them coming and invested in your brand by having them interact with your brand.

A loyalty program message being made in campaigns.

Tracking Loyalty

Data is a powerful tool when it comes from consistent and avid customers.

Use your loyalty program to track what actions subscribers are willing and able to complete the most.

When one action has low interaction, remove it from your loyalty program. If there’s one with high interaction, it’s perfect to use for your marketing. 

Know who on your list is more loyal than the others.

Tracking everyone’s points will tell you just which of your subscribers are wasting your time and money, and which ones are paying you back in full.

Birthday Message Series

What are Birthday Messages?

From the data you can collect with Mobiniti, you know when your subscribers’ birthdays are.

Automate Mobiniti to send a pre-written message congratulating a subscriber for their birthday with a message.

Add a coupon, an image, or any of the attachment types to add flair and make the subscriber feel like you care.

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing to cultivate. Small gestures like a “Happy Birthday” will make you appear as if you care for the subscriber’s patronage. 

This will have them coming to you to shop before your competitors.