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What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are the crux of text message marketing.

They’re the message you send to drive attention your storefront, the one that drip messages are scheduled around, that coupons are attached to, and files & images are placed in.

They’re the start of each marketing effort once someone opts-in to your marketing group.

They can be short and to the point SMS messages, or long an informative MMS messages. Campaigns are how you market with text messages.

The prime example of what a text marketing campaign message looks like.

The Power of Campaigns

The strengths of Campaigns are the same strengths of text messaging. The 98% open-rate, 90% read-rate, and the 40% engagement rate all come from how people prefer to receive text messages than anything else.

People don’t read emails, listen to calls, or open direct mail.

People read text messages. This defines Campaign messages as the purest form of text message marketing.

Then there are all of the additional features Mobiniti has that empower and surround the Campaign message format to utilize the strengths of text messaging. 

Campaigns are our most fully-featured feature, and more effective than any other feature. Without Campaigns, there isn’t any other feature.

This is an example of a text marketing campaign.


Businesses should commonly use both SMS and MMS messaging to send out discounts and promotions, birthday and anniversary messages, billing and appointment reminders, event notifications, and so much more.


  • Cheaper per message.
  • Short and to the point.
  • Can send some attachments (coupons, images, and files).
  • 160 character limit.


  • More per message.
  • Can send any and all attachments types.
  • 2000 character limit.
SMS vs MMS that shows how text marketing is supposed to appear in a campaign message..

It's All About Campaigns

Mobile Coupons

To make Campaign Messages stronger, attach a Mobile Coupon to it.

Strengthen your overall marketing efforts by giving your subscribers the reason to immediately go out and make a purchase.

Mobile Coupons create a sense of urgency to your message.

Your product becomes more exciting than before because a Mobile Coupon makes it appear affordable and soon-to-be-unavailable.


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Schedule Campaigns weeks or even months in advance to have the time to carefully plan out products and promotions.

You can always change the schedule of the Campaign before it even goes out, giving unprecedented control over your marketing messages.

Campaigns are not a scheduling nightmare to use. Mobiniti made text marketing easier and our Campaigns efficient with the amount of control you have over a Campaign’s release.

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Drip Messages

Support your Campaigns with small reminders and incentives to promote as your Campaign. They further the goal of your Campaign.

They’re scheduled around the Campaign, meant to release hours, days, or weeks after the Campaign message to help marketers better relate their copy to a Campaign’s.

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Automate drip messages with automation and integrations like this.

Image & File Attachments

 An image can show off your product in a way words never can.

Adding them to your Campaign messages saves you characters and gets your point across better than characters alone usually can.

With Campaign messages, there are no restrictions on what file types and attachments you can place on a message.

Campaigns are our premier message format and are the most fully-featured message type on our platform.

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