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Inbox 2-Way Communication

True 1 to 1 texting communication

Communication between you and your customers one-on-one so you can fulfill their needs and push your marketing.
  • Have conversations at your own pace
  • Leave no room for misunderstanding 
  • Back and forth messaging in real-time

Conversations to Remember

Above all, you can’t read through a phone call like you can a text conversation.
  • Read your and your employees direct responses
  • Better judge what does and doesn’t work 
  • Never lose a sale to misunderstanding.
In short, get personal between your business and your customers! It’s not just when you’re making your marketing campaigns, but whenever you communicate. That’s why they’ll keep coming back!

The Mobiniti Difference

Get ahead of the communication curve with SMS

In other words, everyone hates scheduling time for phone calls, and email inboxes are a nightmare of spam. However, text messages have become an incredibly efficient tool for generating purchases and building loyalty.

  • Remember that text messages boast a 98% open rate and a 40% engagement rate?
  • So why only use it for mass marketing?
  • Manage important and time-sensitive sales or support inquiries from Mobiniti’s Messaging platform!

Traditional text marketing is only sending Campaigns. With this feature, you take advantage of the personal power that comes with communication. 

See how txt relay technology powers Mobinitis 2-way communication.
Changing with the times

Don’t hold your customers at a distance. You can only properly market to an audience you know, and this knowledge can only be found in communication. 

Streamline your process with dedicated 2-way communication by:

  1. First, get a proper short code and number for communication.
  2. Next, set up dedicated employees to communicate through text.
  3. Then, track and record every question they ask and criticism they give.
  4. Finally, incorporate the answers to their questions and criticisms into your marketing.
  5. Now repeat.

Marketing your improvements is attractive to consumers, not silence.

Communication Features



Google AdWords click to message

Localized phone numbers

Call forwarding

Mobiniti's 2-way communication in action.