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Know Your Customers Data

Know your Subscribers Inside and out

You'll always know what to say!

With our features you'll learn everything you need to for your marketing!

Data Capture

What is Data Capture?

Data Capture is our system for learning what you need to know about your subscribers, things like:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Email address 
  • Birthdates
  • Zipcodes
  • Timezones
  • And more!

This information is captured and stored on our application.

Therefore, reference it for creating your groups, marketing campaigns, and choosing which items to discount for coupons, sales, and promotions.

Data capture is especially powerful when the data is about so many different parts of a contact's life.

The Power of Data Capture

With each thing you know about a subscriber, you can create a marketing plan to drive sales from them and to garner brand loyalty.

Knowing a subscriber’s birthdate lets you know when to automate and send out birthday messages, and develop brand loyalty.

With their zip code, you can funnel them towards local stores and the products local stores are trying to push.

A subscriber’s email address can be shared with any and all email marketing software you may use alongside our application.

Knowing their name, lets you personalize their messages. Make it so the subscriber believes they’re not just another face to you.

With a custom space left for you, you can feel free to store and save any information you find out and wish to save.

Data capture is how you know your characters.

Social Profiles

What are Social Profiles?

A Social Profile is a list of information about your subscriber. This is based on what our systems can find automatically with their phone number or email address.

When this feature is enabled, we capture this data for you and allow you to use it to help you hit your target audience as best as you can in your marketing messages.

This is an extension of Data Capture.

The Power of Social Profiles

Mobile Keywords are used to mark which group is for which demographic, they need Social Profiles to inform what makes the best-segmented groups.

All data is supposed to help you better understand your subscribers to best turn them into customers.

Locational data helps you know who shops at what store. Never waste money sending messages to subscribers about store locations irrelevant to them.

Gender will make sure that every marketing campaign is appropriately marketing your products. Don’t send products for men to women or vice versa.

Using the ages of subscribers can only help to make the groups more personalized. New fashion trends and hobbies hit different demographics. 

Even after building your groups to be as personalized as you can make them, use Social Profiles to sculpt the perfect message.

Every topic and point can be relevant to the subscribers in the group when you know who they are, what they like, and what they need.

Automate drip messages like this using automation and integrations.

What Information do our Social Profiles capture?

Full Name

Record their first and last name if you get it from Data Capture, Web Opt-In Pages, or Double opt-ins.


Store their age, and it can be updated when you have their birthday as well.


Track whether they are male, female, or they for personalizing messages and advertising products.

Email Address

Save their email addresses for email marketing efforts and capture other data.


Record their City, State, Zip Code, and Geocode to funnel to their local storefront.

Social Media Profiles

Find, track, and record subscriber’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Klout Score

While Klout may be gone, other sites allow you to record subscribers’ online social influence scores as Klout scores would.


Remember what subscribers like whether it be activities, brands, or artists that may be related or similar to your products.

Feedback & Reviews

What is Feedback & Reviews?

Feedback & Reviews are a direct line from the subscriber to you. You are asking for their opinion on your marketing and product.

Using text and/or links, you can ask them whether they would recommend their experience with you. You can also leave a space for them to write out a comment or explanation as to why they would or wouldn’t recommend you to a friend.

We store all the answers they give you. If they say ‘yes,’ they would recommend you, we can forward them directly to a website to leave you a positive review.

Use our feedback & review to learn how to improve your service and text marketing.

The Power of Feedback & Reviews

Feedback is the only way to know for sure what people do and don’t enjoy about your marketing and your product. It’s information directly from the consumer’s mouth, so the information is invaluable.

Around 86% of consumers would consider writing a review for a business they use, which means if you communicate through text messaging that’s easy and personal, you can get the feedback you need.

Likewise, then when they give a positive review, you can in turn use it in your marketing.

On average, 72% of customers won’t make a purchase until they’ve read reviews, particularly from a brand they are not already loyal to.

To gain new subscribers and sales, collect positive reviews. Mobiniti makes it easy.

Custom Fields

Custom fields example in the form of a Mobiniti contact.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are additional slots in a contact’s profile.

They let you store whatever custom data you like. 

  • Subscriber interests
  • Previous purchases
  • Relationships with other subscribers
  • Number of purchases from you
  • Number of purchases from your competitors
  • Preferred messaging device
  • And more!

For example, in your Custom Fields you’re storing information about the purchasing history of your subscribers. Several subscribers have a consistent history of purchasing the same products over and over. Because you kept this information you now know exactly how you should create a new custom group. 

The Power of Custom Fields

Information like purchasing history, mobile devices, and social media platforms are things you want to know to better personalize every message you send. 

Above all, when your subscribers use tablets or their smartphones, you know to send them links to landing pages geared towards their devices.

If they use Facebook a lot, use our Facebook integration so that they see your Campaign messages on their phone and on their Facebook feed as well.

In conclusion, make your marketing work your way. Create custom contact groups that are tailored to driving revenue for your business.