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Social Profiles

What are Social Profiles?

A Social Profile is a list of information about your subscriber based on what our systems can find automatically with their phone number or email address.

When this feature is enabled, we capture this data for you and allow you to use it to help you hit your target audience as best as you can in your marketing messages.

This is an extension of Data Capture.

Automate drip messages like this using automation and integrations.

The Power of Social Profiles

Mobile Keywords are used to mark which group is for which demographic, they need Social Profiles to inform what makes the best-segmented groups.

All data is supposed to help you better understand your subscribers to best turn them into customers.

Locational data helps you know who shops at what store. Never waste money sending messages to subscribers about store locations irrelevant to them.

Gender will make sure that every marketing campaign is appropriately marketing your products. Don’t send products for men to women or vice versa.

Using the ages of subscribers can only help to make the groups more personalized. New fashion trends and hobbies hit different demographics. 

Even after building your groups to be as personalized as you can make them, use Social Profiles to sculpt the perfect message.

Every topic and point can be relevant to the subscribers in the group when you know who they are, what they like, and what they need.

What information do our Social Profiles capture?

Full Name

Record their first and last name if you get it from Data Capture, Web Opt-In Pages, or double opt-ins.


Store their age, and it can be updated when you have their birthday as well.


Track whether they are male, female, or they for personalizing messages and advertising products.

Email Address

Save their email addresses for email marketing efforts and capture other data.


Record their City, State, Zip Code, and Geocode to funnel to their local storefront.

Social Profiles

Find, track, and record subscriber’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and more.

Klout Score

While Klout may be gone, other sites allow you to record subscribers’ online social influence scores as Klout scores would.


Remember what subscribers like whether it be activities, brands, or artists that may be related or similar to your products.