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What is Scheduling?

One of the strengths of our platform is being able to plan things ahead of time. Campaign messages, Drip messages, Contests messages, and more can all be planned out to launch when you want them, by date, hour, and minute. You have complete control over when automated messages go out. Plan ahead, and forget about, you don’t have to watch over it after you set it up.

The Power of Scheduling

The best way to control your marketing is to have the most control over your delivery. With text marketing, you control the device destination, the recipients, and with Mobiniti, the time they receive your messages. Scheduling takes the hassle out of planning campaigns, promotions, and contests. You can set whichever kind of message you’re sending out by the time of day and date, our application makes sure it gets out.

Timing is the difference between being in a potential customer’s thoughts, and getting an immediate sale. The best time of day for a text marketing message is 12:00 PM, and depending on the business the best day can be any day but Monday. You can’t always be available at the best time to send out a campaign, so use our Scheduling features so you don’t have to.

Schedule Anything

Campaign Messages

Campaign messages are the crux of text marketing. You put your marketing efforts into a short, direct, well-crafted text message that is sent out to your subscribers en masse, and it doesn’t matter how many people you’re messaging, you can send it out ahead of time.

Feel free to schedule campaigns weeks or even months in advance so you have the time to carefully plan out products and promotions that will surround the campaign or use the campaign’s support. You can change the schedule of the campaign as well before it even goes out, giving unprecedented control over your marketing messages.

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Contest Messages

Mobile Contests are an easy and cheap way not only to spurn excitement among your subscribers, but it also gets them thinking about your product. You send out a keyword for a contest, subscribers opt-in, and that’s an allotted time of attention. 

Plan it out, you can control when people can start joining, and when it ends before it begins. If you plan to have multiple winners, you can pre-plan when each winner will be chosen and when the contest starts again. 

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Drip Messages

Sometimes the most important conceit of the follow-up to the Campaign message is the timing. The Drip message needs to be an appropriate amount of time after the campaign message to maximize its effectiveness. You can’t sit and lie in wait for when the perfect moment arrives. 

With a sliding timer of dates, hours and minutes, you can find the sweet spot for when it’s the right time for your Drip message to follow the Campaign message and drive sales. With the Drip message, timing is everything, too soon and the promotion is too much, not soon enough and it’s bordering on irrelevant. 

With the ability to schedule, plan, and experiment ahead of time, users can best decide when is the best time to send out the message.

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Social Media with Integrations

Campaign messages have a special feature that comes with our integrations with Facebook and Twitter. You can send out a message to your social media profiles at the same time, along with your campaign message. 

With Scheduling, you can control when the social media blasts go out along with the campaign message, marketing your product, and maximizing your promotion on multiple platforms. 

When you are targeting so many different avenues to garner sales and revenue, you want to be able to plan not only from the same place but ahead of time.

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Schedule future campaign(s) with ease at the click of a button and slide down to the exact minute of your preference.