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Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

What are Mobile Wallets?

Users can download Mobile Coupons into Mobile Wallets. To clarify, these are digital storage apps on their smartphone from where they can view and use Mobile Coupons. 

Most modern phones come with a Mobile Wallet pre-downloaded. In other words, it’s rare to have a subscriber who doesn’t already have a Mobile Wallet for your Mobile Coupons.

Mobiniti has made sure that our Mobile Coupons are compatible with the most popular Mobile Wallet apps subscribers use.

An example of a Mobile Wallet.

The Power of Mobile Wallets

Mobile Coupons follow users everywhere they go with their phones, with 1 in 4 Americans spending more money when using a Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Coupon redemptions go hand-in-hand with these digital wallets. Subscribers decide where their money is being spent because of a Mobile Coupon in their Mobile Wallet. 

When a coupon is always there, they are always tempting subscribers. They’re never forgotten in a message box, they’re kept all in one easy to access location.

These wallets make subscribers feel like they’re wasting money by not using the Mobile Coupon you gave them.

Remove any reason to eat anywhere else but your restaurant by making sure your subscriber has a coupon for a discount. remove any reason to buy clothes anywhere else but your store when your subscriber has a discount on items they need.

Mobile Coupons will help anyone make the decision to go to your storefront, and being compatible with digital wallets make it possible.

An example of a different mobile wallet.

Notifications Feature

Mobile Coupons from Mobiniti can use push notifications to drive subscribers to use their coupons.

When their mobile phone is in close proximity to your store location, your Mobile Coupon in a subscriber’s Mobile Wallet alerts them.

This eliminates the worry of users forgetting they have a coupon, and drives them to make a purchase on impulse.

If they’re walking to lunch, to a clothing store, or anything, a reminder from a push notification just put your storefront to the top of the list over your competitors.

What services are we compatible with?

Apple iOS Passbook & Google Wallet