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Mobile App

What is our Mobile App?

Text message marketing on the go, for when you need to edit, make changes, or send out a new Campaign when you’re away from your computer.

It’s how you can market from anywhere, at any time. This includes:

  • Viewing subscriber responses.
  • Replying to individual contacts.
  • Sending out the marketing Campaigns.
  • More features being added soon in the future.

Our app currently works on any iOS device

The Power of our Mobile App

As we use desktop computers less and less, we created an application that can follow you everywhere you go.

You can’t carry a computer everywhere, pull out your phone or tablet to check the statuses of your marketing efforts at any time. 

Things can change on a dime, never be caught unable to react to competitor sales, prices, and promotions.

Undercut competitors with a Mobile Coupon that’s available during their promotion. Send a Campaign on the fly and use conversations with individual contacts to inform your marketing.

Mobile App Features

Send Campaigns from Your Phone

You have most of the features of our Campaigns on the browser on your phone.

Push Notifications for Incoming Texts

Be notified of responses from your subscribers so you know when to listen to what they have to say.

Reply to Individual Contacts

Reply to the responses your subscribers send to react to feedback and praise.

Works on any iOS Device

Our Mobile App is available on all tablets and smartphones that run on Apple iOS.