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Integrate & Automate

Integrate your Apps to work together Automatically

Marketing just got so much easier!

Automate the main features of the platform, built-in integrations, and Zapier Zaps!


What are Integrations?

Integrations are built-in features from outside applications on our platform.

Among Mobiniti’s many integrations are connections to:

  • eCommerce storefronts
  • Email marketing platforms
  • Social media websites
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) service
  • Form applications
  • And more!

They can automate messages from Mobiniti to be sent after an action on another service, share information between services, and send marketing messages at the same time as those on Mobiniti.

Example of Integrations being connected to Mobiniti.

The Power of Integrations

Your business uses multiple platforms to find success. That process is easier when all those different platforms connect to each other. 

As of 2019, there are 3.9 billion email accounts in the world. Any amount of contacts you have from email marketing can be turned into a Mobiniti account using one of our integrations.

69% of online carts are abandoned on eCommerce, our users have the ability to message them with their abandoned cart to recoup at least 1/3 of those losses. 

People spend in the U.S. alone use social media up to over 2 hours a day. You can send out Campaigns at the same time as social media posts to reach these people. It’s possible from the same page you type in your Campaign message with an integration.

Integrations make life easier, and they bring features.

An example of Zapier Integrations in use.

Our Partner Integrations


Connect to over 2,000+ applications through across CRM, email marketing, loyalty programs, and forms.


Send Abandoned Cart Messages to re-market to visitors on your Shopify storefronts who don’t finish their purchase.


Bring your text marketing data to Blueshift, where you can maximize your marketing potential on their AI-powered platform.


Gather together as many contacts and subscribers as you can then share them between your email marketing and text message marketing.


Capture contacts with fun interactive tools then have them sent directly to Mobiniti to be made into subscribers.

Constant Contact

Trade and share contacts from your massive contact list on Constant Contact with Mobiniti to expand your text marketing’s reach.


Share your email information on Infusionsoft with Mobiniti to grow your contact list and social profiling capabilities.

Facebook & Twitter

Write and send social media messages to go out in tandem with your Campaign messages, without having to go to Facebook or Twitter.

Drip Messages

What are Drip Messages?

Sometimes one message isn’t enough for a Campaign. 

Drip messages follow the initial Campaign to organically keep the Campaign going. They form the bulk of a marketing campaign that goes beyond one message.

They have most of the same file attachments as the Campaign message. The difference is how they are scheduled.

Campaigns are scheduled by time and date ahead of time. Drip messages are scheduled by how long they post after the Campaign message.

Drip messages are supplemental, they keep your subscribers’ attention, and as a result they drive consistent ongoing sales.

Automate drip messages like this using automation and integrations.

The Power of Drip Messages

Businesses who nurture the subscriber into a purchase generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs than their competitors.

Drip messages are cheap, made to nurture people after the Campaign gets them ready. 

Because Drip messages nurture subscribers towards a purchase, they lead to bigger purchases.

47% of nurtured leads make larger purchases than non-nurtured leads because they have been convinced to buy into your brand, not just your product. 

Automate drip messages with automation and integrations like this.


What is Automation?

Automation is seeped into our platform, allowing you to plan your Campaigns ahead of time so you never forget to send one out.

It’s the same for messages of all kinds on our platform. When you receive responses, Automation means you don’t have to manually respond.

Automation lets you to schedule personalized messages based on a variety of events, through a variety of message types:

  • Campaign messages
  • Drip messages
  • Contest messages
  • Birthday messages
  • Abandoned Cart messages

The Power of Automation

Automation has helped 76% of companies that implemented it into their marketing see a return on their investment. Mobiniti has made that investment low.

This return on investment comes from the focus given to all marketing endeavors in advance, and the increase in leads those endeavors bring.

80% of companies saw an increase in leads due to the capability marketing automation afforded them.

When you have less marketing work to do in one sector, you have time to do more work in another. That can be targeting more markets, demographics, or avenues.

The results show that making marketing easier leads to profit.

Automate drip messages like this with automation and integrations.

Automatically Respond to Events

Link Clicks

Thank them for their visit to your website after they click your URL link.


Send a thank you for a coupon redemption, asking for a review.

Keyword Opt-Ins / Welcomes

Provide them with a link to your storefront and/or additional information after they join your marketing group.


Ask them for feedback and a private review to learn why they unsubscribe from your marketing group.

Retargeting Pixels

What are Retargeting Pixels?

Retargeting Pixels are invisible data capture programs hidden in a pixel on a webpage.

They’re impossible for subscribers to see on the link and on the webpage you add them to. You add them when you add a link to your marketing messages.

They collect data that helps you serve specific Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google ads to everyone who clicked on a link in your marketing message. 

An example of retargeting pixels automation. Automate these integrations today.

The Power of Retargeting Pixels

People don’t hate ads, 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeted ads because they are for products they want, while the majority are neutral.

When people see ads for products they won’t ever want or need, they’re turned off by your brand. Retargeting Pixels assure that your ads are advertising the right product to the right people.

With a retargeted ad made based on a Retargeting Pixel, there’s a 70% chance they’ll purchase your product, particularly over your competitors. 

People want to see something they want to buy, looking at it makes them want it more.  This is how Retargeting Pixels garner sales and attention better than most other forms of Data Capture.

The Click-Thru rate on retargeted ads is 10 times greater than typical ads, so place them on every link you send through your marketing messages.

How it Works

  1. Shorten: We automatically create a shortened branded link for you. We apply ad tracking to your links.
  2. Share: Send out your text message campaign that includes your link, then collect clicks and grow your audience.
  3. Retarget: Run profitable ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Adwords to use the retargeted audience.
A loyalty program message being made in campaigns.


What is an Auto-Responder?

With our Auto-Responder, users can create compelling auto-responses that cause customers to react and take action.

When someone responds to your messages or messages your marketing group,  auto-responses assure that they’re never forgotten.

You can respond to common:

  • Keywords
  • Questions
  • Complaints
  • Praises

Leaving a subscriber unheard is a thing of the past with auto-responses.

An example of an auto-responded in practice.

The Power of Auto-Responses

Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than voice, email, or Facebook, you will get responses to your marketing messages.

Without using our Auto-Responder, you run the risk of losing subscribers when they go unheard. Never worry about this after setting up auto-responses.

The average subscriber takes 90 seconds to respond to text messages. With messages being ahead of time, auto-responses serve as a realistic way to respond to everyone

An auto-responder in practice.

Open API + Webhooks

What is an Open API & Webhooks?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, from which our users can connect our software system to another software system they use.

From this higher-level interface, we make it easier to connect Mobiniti than other software API’s.

Transfer or connect your services as you need to. Trade information, trigger messages and automate it.

Webhooks are an easy way to use the API from the usual UI, or User Interface, the way the application appears naturally.

Webhooks deliver data to other applications by inputting a destination on our platform. Our system will automatically send out information to another as it comes in.

The Power of Open API + Webhooks

Few businesses rely on one platform for their marketing, and none should.

Many have one platform for text marketing, email marketing, CRM, and more, so its imperative for smooth success for you to be able to connect them.

An Open API empowers you to collect your data where it is best for you to view and utilize it. 

Having it all in one specified place makes it easier to compare, contrast, and understand what marketing efforts are working and which need the most attention.

Webhooks are how it’s easily automated so you don’t have to transfer or send the information again and again. 

Feature Compatibility

Welcome Message Automation

The Welcome message is a subscriber’s first impression with your company and your text message marketing. When you can’t respond to them personally, pre-write a response for everyone who will ever opt-in. 

You never know exactly when people will opt-in, but you always need to be ready with a response. 

Each group has its own Welcome message you pre-write based on how you segment your groups.

Campaign Message Automation

Campaign messages are the crux of text marketing, and you can schedule them out ahead of time.

Schedule Campaigns weeks or even months in advance to carefully plan out products and promotions.

You can change the schedule of the Campaign anytime before it even goes out. You have unprecedented control over your marketing messages.

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Contest Message Automation and Integrations

Mobile Contests are an easy and cheap way to spread excitement and get people thinking about your product. 

Scheduling allows you to plan it out far in advance. You can control when people can start joining, and when it ends before it begins all before it starts.

If you plan to have multiple winners, you can pre-plan when each winner will be chosen and when the contest starts again. 

Then you can automate the responses for contests. The auto-responder can tell the contestants:

  • When a winner is chosen
  • Send reminders for when a contest is ending
  • Verify entries
  • If and when they’ve won or lost
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