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Mobile Keywords

What are Mobile Keywords?

Mobile Keywords are the short words or phrases that people send to the Short Code so they can join your text marketing group. The main list growth tool in text marketing.

They’re the foremost way to capture subscribers because:

  • Easy to remember and recognize
  • Easy to associate with your brand
  • They can segment subscribers among marketing groups by location, product, and more

Mobile Keywords are how marketing groups are broken up among each other, different keywords put people in different groups. 

Mobile Keywords, the staple growth tool in text marketing.

The Power of Mobile Keywords

When 64% of consumers prefer that businesses contact them via text messages, Mobile Keywords make it easy to do that.

Keywords are easy to advertise and place in your storefront, your website, and your social media.

So, whenever someone sees or uses this word, they think of your brand, and how they can opt-in to your marketing group. 

Keywords give your company brand recognition over a phrase. There’s nothing better for brand recognition than having someone think of your company or product with a single phrase

An example of the list growth tool, Mobile Keywords.

Segmenting Your Subscribers

Mobile Keywords double as a way to segment your subscribers into groups to use text marketing more effectively.

Different marketing groups can be based on location, product, or something else about the subscribers they have in common:

  • A Mobile Keyword for one store’s location, and a Mobile Keyword for another
  • Another keyword and group for women, another for men
  • One more for a specific age range, and another for a different age range

Mobile Keywords are not only a list growth tool to bring subscribers in, but also to keep them.

Web Opt-In Pages

What are Web Opt-In Pages?

Mobiniti’s application lets its users create custom web pages made to capture subscriber information for your groups.

They can be embedded into:

  • Websites
  • Facebook pages
  • Displayed on a kiosks

They’re to collect information from people like:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses 
  • Location

Web Opt-In Pages capture people you wouldn’t normally capture through your keyword and shortcode. Opt-in pages are used in tandem.

A web opt-in page, another quality list growth tool.

The Power of Web Opt-In Pages

Web Opt-In Pages can capture the information you would need to use Data Capture to come by. With web pages, information comes directly from the source.

It’s two features in one, you grow your list of subscribers and you gather data so you know what to market after making them into subscribers. 

Web Opt-In Pages will get you more subscribers online as a dedicated online spot for capturing subscriber information.

Mobile Keywords are easy to advertise, but Web Opt-In Pages reach people in places they don’t.

A web opt-in page, an example of a good list growth tool.

Web Opt-in Page Features

Fully Customizable

Add a logo, an image, your brand colors, and more to make your Opt-in page yours.

Complete CSS Compatibility

You can add further customization by using Custom CSS to change the page’s experience and add greater functionality.

Mobile Optimized

Our pages automatically adjust to the small mobile phone screen when potential subscribers view through their phone.

Social Media Compatibility

Our pages can be embedded into your business’s Facebook page and you can create custom URLs to link from social media company profiles.


What are Contests?

Furthermore, using the keyword to opt-in to one of your groups, you can create a contest to reward your current subscribers and draw in new ones.

You start a contest that’s easy to opt-in to, and it can last as long as you want with a winner every week or one to several at the end of the month.

Or you can even send the contest losers a message with a Mobile Coupon to drive them to your storefront.

It’s also possible to send a prize from our platform too, or send out links to where prizes can be received to automate the contest as much as possible.

Contests grow your list by making being a subscriber fun.

Contests are both a feature to grow your text marketing lists and to engage with your subscribers.

The Power of Contests

The promise of a chance at a reward pulls people in. Contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%, making it the perfect list growth tool for garnering attention and capturing subscribers. 

This isn’t random, uncontrollable growth, this is your list growth comes as a result of your marketing.

94.46% of the time, people who enter contests through digital means share the promotion immediately after they register. 62.13% of those people share with a friend.

When they want their friend to take part too, you find a new subscriber.

You’re not gaining random subscribers who have no interest in your product after the contest is over. You’re gaining subscribers who would be interested in your product.

If someone’s friend enjoys what you’re selling, odds are so will they.

Contests are a powerful growth tool and engagement tool.

Reward Your Subscribers

A reward for loyalty will keep subscribers from unsubscribing.

Contests are a list growth tool to garner attention and revenue, but they are also a cheap loyalty program that builds excitement.

They can give out inexpensive rewards that don’t break up your budget, and realistic expectations that not every subscriber is getting a reward.

Mobiniti has a built-in Loyalty Program that can be used in tandem with Contests to bring the most to the subscriber experience. 

Read more about Loyalty Programs...

Discount Rewards

Add a coupon to the Mobile Contest’s entry confirmation message to start the contest off with a reward. You’ll breed loyalty in your subscribers.

Or use Mobile Coupons as a cheap prize for the winner. Subscribers have to do little to enter, and after that, that’s all they do.

More than that, when you can send them a Mobile Coupon you drive them to your storefront, losers and winners. 

If you have a bigger prize for the winner, send the contest’s losers, or a number of the contest’s losers small coupons.

Reward their loyalty. This way you’ll drive them to make repeat purchases to your storefront while making them happy even though they lost.

Embedded Forms

What are Embedded Forms?

The Web Opt-In Pages that you can create on Mobiniti’s platform have the ability to be used as embedded forms.

They go on your website and collect information from visitors without taking your visitors off your web page.

This decreases the places potential subscribers need to go to opt-in, while making room for more places that can collect subscribers. 

Avoid leading your visitors off your pages without making a sale. Having them leave your web page to fill out a form, whether they fill it out or not, doesn’t help with that endeavor.

When you embed forms into your web pages, you raise the likelihood of immediate purchases.

QR Codes and Flyers

What are QR Codes and Flyers?

QR Codes are a type of scannable image that you’ve likely seen and used before.

They’re easy for consumers to use to get discounts or as coupons.

Mobiniti has made ours compatible with flyers and Mobile Coupons. Post them in your storefronts and sites so that people can scan them to join groups and receive rewards.

QR Codes are smaller and easier to build images around than Mobile Keywords. They do connect to keywords to pull subscribers into your marketing groups.

The Power of QR Codes and Flyers

You can promote your group as easily with a QR Code with as much information as with a Mobile Keyword, if not more.

Similarly, you can offer discounts directly through the QR Codes to drive immediate purchases faster than if they were waiting for a Welcome message.

Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons, but with a QR Code on a flyer, you can get people a coupon and a reason to make a purchase immediately. 

Zapier Powered Integrations

What are Zapier Powered Integrations?

Partner text message marketing with a litany of partners in CRM, List Growth Tools, Forms/Surveys, Payment Processors, Loyalty tools, eCommerce, and more.

  • Built into Mobiniti’s platform for access to all the other applications on Zapier’s platform.
  • Zapier’s platform gives access to 2000+ online applications across many industries.
  • Build your Zaps to fit your company’s marketing needs.
Find out the power behind Zapier Integrations with Mobiniti

Import Contacts

How Do You Import Your Contacts?

In order to get the import option enabled on your account, you will need to speak with a member of our account management team. This is to discuss compliance and ensure that all the contacts you are importing are TCPA compliant.

Step 1: 

Navigate to the Contacts Tab, then click “Imports / View Imports.” Within the drop-down, choose “Import Contacts.”

Step 2:

Within the pop-up you will need to: 

  • Choose a CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv) file from your computer
  • Make sure it is in the correct format/column order

Column order: 10-digit mobile #, email, first name, last name, gender, birth date. No header is required. Any data you don’t have, leave the column blank.

Make sure the country code is added to the beginning of your 10-digit numbers. 

  • Choose the group you would like the contacts added to
  • Then choose to update or just skip existing contacts
              – (Ex. If you never imported email addresses, and you now want to update existing contacts with emails, choose to update. If you do not choose to update, existing contacts will be skipped.)
  • Always be aware of the Note: at the bottom of the window before importing. This will indicate if your account is set up to send an opt-in confirmation, import confirmation, or if the contacts will be imported as active. An opt-in confirmation will require them to reply to opt-in and become an active contact.

Open API

What is an Open API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This is how we enable our users to connect our software system to another software system they use.

From this higher-level interface, we make it easier and simpler to connect Mobiniti than other software API’s.  You can transfer or connect your services as you need to.

Trade information, trigger messages, and most importantly, automate it.

The Power of Open API

An Open API empowers you to grow your list and collect your data where it is best for you to view and utilize it. 

Having it all in one specified place makes it easier to compare, contrast, and understand what marketing efforts are working and which need the most attention.

Webhooks are how it’s easily automated so you don’t have to transfer or send the information again and again.