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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews

What is Feedback & Reviews?

Feedback & Reviews are a direct line from the subscriber to you. You are asking for their opinion on your marketing and product.

Using text and/or links, you can ask them whether they would recommend their experience with you. Additionally, you can also leave a space for them to write out a comment or explanation. Then you can ask why they would or wouldn’t recommend you to a friend.

We store all the answers they give you. If they say ‘yes,’ and that they would recommend you, we can forward them directly to a website to leave you a positive review.

Use our feedback & review to learn how to improve your service and text marketing.

The Power of Feedback & Reviews

Feedback is the only way to know for sure what people do and don’t enjoy about your marketing and your product. It’s information directly from the consumer’s mouth, so the information is invaluable.

Around 86% of consumers would consider writing a review for a business they use. Likewise, if you communicate through text messaging that’s easy and personal, you can get the feedback you want.

Then when they give a positive review, you can in turn use it in your marketing.

On average, 72% of customers won’t make a purchase until they’ve read reviews, especially for a brand they are not already loyal to.

To gain new subscribers and sales, collect positive reviews. Mobiniti makes it easy.