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Email Marketing

Email to go with your Texting

An email platform made for those who text, gain an advantage over the competition.
  • Market from two avenues now built to complement each other
  • Improve your marketing scheduling and synergy 
  • Gain a second avenue of data that you can easily transfer/use for your texting marketing
  • And easily use another marketing a platform familiar to Mobiniti’s text marketing platform
Combine your email and text marketing to one partnership!
What is our Email Marketing Platform?

Mobiniti’s email marketing platform is built on the same technology and User Interface that powers our texting platform. Uniquely, this way users can easily transition from text to email to effectively and quickly create email campaigns to send alongside their text marketing. This platform has the hallmark features of email marketing without the need for a second subscription or connecting to another marketing service. Through our email platform, you can…

  • Send fully fleshed out email campaigns in time with your text message marketing
  • Then add as many attachments, files, and graphics with your emails without character limits
  • Control who/where your emails appear to come from with each campaign too


The product of email marketing in someone's hand.

HTML Code Editor

Tables, and Block Quotes


Google AdWords click to message

Localized Campaign Templates

Image Attachments

Campaign Reports

Team permissions

Subscription list segmentation

Special Characters

All-for-One, One-for-All Marketing

Marketing with Mobiniti Email is just like Marketing with Mobiniti SMS

Two applications working together allow you to unify your company’s marketing efforts like never before. Too often these two different avenues are treated as competitors, each trying to prove their worth, but when you can operate both out of one company, you get to maximize the value of both. Likewise, you can unify your teams, target people who respond better to texting with only texting, and do the same with email. Learn who responds best to both.

Get ahead of the communication curve with one partnership

When you use someone else’s platform, you use that services customer service too, but when you want to consolidate your marketing it’s impossible to connect two different customer service departments when you need it. Now, there’s only one company that you need to talk to, only one company to go to for help, and Mobiniti’s customer service is the most dedicated team to your success out there.