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Branded Short Domains

What are they?

To drive up CTR we replace mobn.it in your short links with your brand’s name. This turns it into a branded short domain, allowing total control of your content across both short and long codes.

Personalize and track thousands of links per second that this type of link garners across every device and channel.

They’re also safer than normal short links. Non-branded short links generally use the same domain as other companies. This can lead to a short link getting blacklisted because of another company.

A branded short link won’t unless you yourself do something to get blacklisted, or blocked for violating TCPA rules.

An MMS message with a coupon and a branded short domain link.
International SMS example with a branded short domain.

The Power of Branded Short Domains

Branded short domains drive CTR up 34% because subscribers care about your brand, and they want to interact with it.

Seeing your brand in the links makes them appear official and trustworthy. When subscribers see your name in the link, there is the promise of the customer experience being safe and of quality.

These links can be anything from a coupon, your website, to a file, simply branding it gives it that much more power and success. This is how you easily funnel people to your storefront and grow your revenue.