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About Mobiniti

Mobiniti is text
marketing made simple.

Mobiniti was founded with an analytical spirit and lofty objective. We help businesses directly communicate with their customers while delivering experiences that engage and delight them. Likewise, this is how we help our industry professionals build their careers, by doing the same thing for our partners. 

We proudly offer the most robust and user-friendly mobile marketing platform. In fact, it boasts the best pricing and the most useful mobile marketing features in the industry. We supply the software, services, and support to grow your business.

Delivering Top Quality

Firstly, we are a proud Tier 1 SMS Provider and Top Application Partner to the US Short Code Registry. Because of this, our platform represents quality in the world of text marketing.

Your Marketing Partner

Secondly, we offer consistent and caring customer support. While other providers will throw you right into the mix, we will happily walk you through every step.

Servicing Every Vertical

Thirdly, we provide text marketing services to a plethora of industries including: retail, events, automotive, real estate, churches, clubs, non-profits, and many more.

Our origin story

Mobiniti was founded in 2014 by Bryan Hunsinger and Rocco Ciavarella, 2 friends who had a passion for building business on the internet.

In the heyday of the internet, Bryan and Rocco started out selling Ginsu knives online and coding small websites which would put Geocities to shame. But they also wanted to build something to help small to medium-size businesses reach their customers even faster than the speed of the web.

They knew 2 things. SMS marketing software on the market didn’t have nearly enough services to offer, and they were overpriced. As a result, Mobiniti was then born from the belief that services and support should be free, and that you should only pay for messages.

6 years of strength

Through growing pains, many late night coding sessions, the painstaking process of curating a talented and diverse team of employees from all walks of life, an office move, careful planning for scaling for growth, and all of the ups and downs of being a small startup, Mobiniti is growing quicker than ever. 

Our team still holds true to those small company values of transparency, communication, supporting our local community, and doing our absolute best work all the time.

We treasure our foundations, we stand behind our product and services, we empower our employees and their careers. We believe in our future successes.

Mobiniti is headquartered in beautiful Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, overlooking the scenic River Common and Susquehanna River. We are located in the Accelerator Building, which is dedicated to helping growth phase technology and tech-enabled businesses achieve massive scale.

Here at about Mobiniti we want our workers to further themselves and their careers.

Our Culture

Work hard, play hard.

We’re a diverse group of hard-working problem solvers. Mobiniti reaps the benefits of being hustlers and always take time to play, sometimes even at the office. 

Live your best life.

We want to fully support your life, and that includes at work and at home. Mobiniti believes in a true work-life balance and promise to build a culture that fully supports a healthy one. We mean it.

Serious squad goals.

For example, we plan monthly outings, special in-office events, and sometimes even have happy hours in the office. Mobiniti’s fun, we promise! We know you’re fun too. So, do you want to build your career here?

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