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Inntopia: New Integration Partner

Mobiniti is happy to announce a brand new integration for our platform! Now our users can link their Mobiniti account with Inntopia. Inntopia is an industry-leading marketing and eCommerce platform. 

Our new integration specifically connects Mobiniti to Inntopia Marketing Cloud. In fact, this is their resort CRM that they support with personal and proactive attention. Its goal is especially perfect for any integration with Mobiniti, ensuring huge ROI for our users.

Our Inntopia Integration is live now at Mobiniti.

The Power of Our Inntopia Integration

Now resorts can use a number of Mobiniti’s text marketing features. Use these to inform and cater to guests through features like:

  • Text Campaigns
  • Text Contests
  • Mobile Coupons (with Mobile Wallet compatibility)
  • MMS Messaging
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Two-way communication inbox

Here’s what our General Manager, Tanner Coleman, said about our new partnership:

By combining Mobiniti’s deep experience and focus on SMS with Inntopia’s incredible track record with data cleansing and automation, we couldn’t be more excited to be working together to help resorts and hotels take full advantage of text messaging as a marketing channel.

Integrating Mobiniti’s features with Inntopia consequently combines the features of our platform with Inntopia’s ability to:

  • First, talk to guests through SMS, email, and more from one place.
  • Then track and develop a comprehensive view of guest behavior.
  • Also, build queries, run reports, and review performances from your account.
  • Plus, get spectacular support form their in-house digital team.
  • Finally, pull data from your PMS, POS, social accounts, surveys, and more.

Furthermore, here’s what Director of Customer Insights at Inntopia, Kurt Kinscherf, says about our partnership:

There is so much potential for resorts with SMS and that’s exactly why we chose to work with Mobiniti. Their platform isn’t just about sending messages, it’s about creating unique campaigns designed around the strengths of text messaging. These campaigns are perfectly suited to make the most of the lists marketers can generate in Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

Definitely reach out to your guests with our Mobiniti and Inntopia integration today! Our two platforms are dedicated to making your business successful!

Christopher Knighton joined the marketing industry in 2019 through an internship with Mobiniti. He brought his experience as an author of over half a dozen novels available on Amazon to work as a Marketing Specialist for the company. He writes marketing content for our numerous accounts, posts, and endeavors. He currently lives in Scranton, PA, and has a strong passion for writing and consuming content, on the page and on the screen.

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