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5 text message marketing myths, busted!

I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of crazy myths about text message marketing. It’s intrusive, it doesn’t work, no one does it, it’s way too out there for my business. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! If you’re not looking into text message marketing as a new and consistent marketing channel, you’re missing out on profits, not close enough to your customers, and you’re going to miss out on marketing industry trends. Join me as I break down 5 common falsehoods about the world of SMS marketing, and expose them for the lies that they are.

Myth #1: Text message marketing is invasive.

Text message marketing myths: false!False! Facebook and Google have the ability to show you sponsored ads you didn’t elect to receive, but text marketing is completely different. Your subscriber list is a group of people who opted-in or consented to receive your communications. Don’t forget that all users also have the opportunity to opt-out at any time.

The TCPA, or Telephone Consumer Protection Act has very strict rules about how your customers can opt-in and how you’re able to text them, to ensure that text marketing is a wanted communication. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75% of people wouldn’t mind receiving an SMS text message from a brand if they opt-in, so you can trust that your customers DO want to hear from you via text message.

Myth #2: Businesses aren’t using text message marketing.

False! According to an article published on Rebrandly,

  • RCS is estimated to be worth $74 billion by 2021.
  • 80% of people use texting for business purposes.
  • The use of SMS marketing grew 197% as a strategy in B2B efforts from 2015 to 2017.
  • 20% of marketing leaders plan on using SMS in their marketing strategies in the next 12 months.

If those statistics aren’t shockingly clear, businesses are using text message marketing, and if you’re not, you’re going to fall behind the curve.

Myth #3: Customers don’t respond to text marketing.

False! The average text message response rate is 45%. Compare that to the average email response rate, which is just 6% – yikes! By leveraging Mobiniti’s promotional tools like our contests feature, you can build your brand loyalty and engage your customers right now by texting out a contest to your subscriber list. Who doesn’t love a good contest!?

You can be certain the response rate will be better than what you could expect from an email! Don’t waste your time or marketing dollars on other, less engaging marketing channels. You can get the best engagement from text messages!

Myth #4: Text marketing is too expensive.

False! Text message marketing is one of the most affordable forms of marketing. You only get charged for what messages you send or plan to send. A normal text message marketing rate is just pennies per message! Why waste your money on set up fees or monthly fees, when you can use Mobiniti’s FREE Pay As You Go plan? You’ll get 100 free messages and 1 free keyword, and you’ll pay $0 a month.

Myth #5: Text message marketing is confusing.

John Travolta confused about text message marketing

False! Many people are worried that learning about text message marketing is like a foreign language! While it can seem confusing and time-consuming, those myths couldn’t be further from the truth. You can get started sending messages in as little as 3 minutes. Simply set up a keyword on your Groups & Keywords page, begin advertising it via your other marketing channels, and the platform will do the rest.

If you’re totally convinced that these text message marketing myths have been totally busted, why not sign up for Mobiniti right now and get your 100 free messages now? You can see how intuitive our dashboard is and get started in just minutes.

If you’re not convinced at this point, I mean, yes, that’s shocking. BUT, we’re totally happy to walk you through how with a FREE Demo of Mobiniti’s renowned platform. You won’t regret taking a free tour of the next big thing in marketing. Don’t get left in the dust by your competition. Just call us at 855-MOBINITI or email us at hello@mobiniti.com for a free demo. You can also leave a comment with your questions, and I’ll happily answer them.

Christopher Knighton joined the marketing industry in 2019 through an internship with Mobiniti. He brought his experience as an author of over half a dozen novels available on Amazon to work as a Marketing Specialist for the company. He writes marketing content for our numerous accounts, posts, and endeavors. He currently lives in Scranton, PA, and has a strong passion for writing and consuming content, on the page and on the screen.