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4 Effective Ways to Grow Your List of Contacts

Looking to grow your text marketing subscriber list? Today we’re going to talk about 4 useful tools we suggest you leverage. We want you to give your customers the opportunities to opt-in to your text list every chance you can. 

It is a common misconception that sending text messages to your consumers is annoying or intrusive. Nothing can be farther from the truth. If you are sending on a shared shortcode (64600, for example) customers need to “opt-in” or join your text club. This means they are actively participating, and therefore,  welcome your messages. 

That is great and all, but how do you get people to join the club? That is precisely why Mobiniti is your platform of choice. We have a dedicated team to help grow your list. Below are some tried and true methods for how to get contacts to opt-in to your list. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of being part of your community.

1. Design and display physical collateral

Physical collateral that will catch people's eye and grow your list.

Our first tip to engage your customers and encourage opt-ins is by designing and showcasing physical collateral. Tell people exactly how to opt-in and where, either by showcasing a website URL or your shortcode and keyword. Good old fashioned signs, posters, and business cards work just as well.

Highlight the fact they can pull out their phone and in five seconds text your shortcode and keyword to opt-in to your list. You’ve seen the signs! They say something like, “Text mybusiness to 64600 to join.” Another great way to stimulate opt-ins are tri-folds on counters and tabletops in restaurants. Truly, put them in any place they can be set out and be seen by people in your retail store. You can even go big and put your keyword and shortcode on a large billboard in your local community. If you can dream it, you can do it. 

2. Create a branded web opt-in page

A table opt-in to be shown and used in retail locations to grow your list.

You can sign customers up in your physical location by using a web opt-in page. A web opt-in page is a single, unique website, which gives the customer fields to enter in their information. We provide this website for you, right in our platform. In total, it should only take a few minutes to set up. After that, you’re on your way to using the page. Once customers have entered their info, they are automatically added to your “text club”.

There are many ways to use this page. One common way is saving the URL, and bookmarking it to your home page on a cell phone or tablet. You can then easily pull up the page in front of the customers and have them enter their info. It should take them no longer than 30 seconds. If you provide them an incentive to sign up (such as a % off of the purchase they are about to make) then it’s even easier to get them to enter in their information at that time. Through Mobiniti’s web opt-in pages, you have the option to ask them to submit their first name, last name, email address, and birthdate, along with their phone number. Imagine sending your customers something special, automatically, on their birthday! We offer that functionality as well.

3. Embed a form widget onto your website

An embed widget made to grow your list.

Definitely add an embeddable form widget onto your web site to increase your contact list. This form serves as a collecting bowl for the mobile numbers and contact information of your customers. You can customize what information you collect and this will automatically port into our platform. Once in our system, you can begin to send this person updates, mobile coupons and any promotions you want. As we mentioned before, you can offer them an incentive to sign up. An incentive like a free gift, coupon, contest entry, etc. Offering something that they will want to opt-in for is an effective way to ask them to sign up.

4. Add an Opt-In Facebook tab to your Facebook page

An example of a facebook tab made to grow your list.

Our last tip for growing your list is to add an Opt-In tab to your brand’s Facebook page. It’s usually labeled as “Join our text club” or something similar. As long as you have a minimum of 2,500 followers, we will take care of the backend so you can begin collecting opt-ins, right from your page. This is a clean and professional way to not only sign people up for your text message marketing but also bring them to your Facebook page. If you don’t have 2,500 followers, you can create posts advertising your shortcode and keyword instead. You can paste in the link to your web opt-in page instead. Easy peasy.

The bottom line is, growing your contact list is a very achievable task, especially with Mobiniti. Coupled with the right incentive, Mobiniti’s brandable tools, and quality tips you can get your list as large as it can be! Your success is our success, and we are there for you, every step of the way. We’re always looking for creative ways to help our customers get their names out there and encourage opt-ins. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or your Mobiniti rep, for more info. 

Sign up for Mobiniti and get started growing your list today! And comment below with your list growth ideas! We’d love to hear them.

Christopher Knighton joined the marketing industry in 2019 through an internship with Mobiniti. He brought his experience as an author of over half a dozen novels available on Amazon to work as a Marketing Specialist for the company. He writes marketing content for our numerous accounts, posts, and endeavors. He currently lives in Scranton, PA, and has a strong passion for writing and consuming content, on the page and on the screen.

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