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Contests: Where Excitement Markets Itself

Want to know how to engage and reward your subscribers, in a fun way? Contests do four important marketing tasks and are very cost-effective! They can raise awareness to the same product they’re offering, foster brand loyalty and sales among your winners and losers. They even collect data on your subscribers and attract new customers. There are only a few forms of marketing that have any other purpose than attracting new customers. One way or another, marketing helps a company learn about and cater to their demographic. Contests are an interactive and fun way to do so.

Mobile contests, in particular, are the most effective way to directly reach your customers and remarket to them whether they win or lose. With text messages boasting a 98% open rate, it’s arguably your customer’s most frequented inbox. Receiving a text message and being able to enter your contest from their mobile phone is an accessible way for them to engage with your brand. It’s a highly effective way to reach back out to them with additional deals, sales, and offers. In this post, we’ll outline the four reasons why contests, in particular, mobile contests, are a highly effective marketing tool.

Raise awareness about a brand new product in a really creative way

Running a contest is an easy and effective way to drum up promotion and excitement around a new product. Whether your customer wins or not, they will have spent a lot of time hearing about the product. By the time the contest is over, they have become invested in the idea of winning it. They will have spent a lot of time getting excited about the product and may end up purchasing it even if they lose the contest. At the very least, they will know about it and keeping your customers informed of new products isn’t always easy.

Foster brand loyalty and increase sales

With Mobiniti, even when a customer loses a mobile contest, they still win! When you utilize text-based marketing to run your contest, you have many effective tools and features at your disposal. These make your winners happy and your losers even happier! Through Mobiniti’s mobile contests, you have the option to send a discount or consolation prize to your losers. Discounts incentivize people to complete the purchase despite having lost. This inspires brand loyalty with a small gift to make them happy. Talk about a win-win! Someone who lost a contest where they really wanted to win the prize, will be excited to get a discount on that product. The likelihood of a sale is much higher when this customer has already established a strong interest in that product.

Collect valuable marketing data and information about your demographic

Contests double as a promotion as well as a collection of information. At Mobiniti, we use simple opt-ins to gather simple information that pertains to your customers’ identities and locations. For example, you can ask them to send their birthday, first and last name, zip code, or email address to be entered to win. With this information, businesses can make their text message marketing campaigns more personalized and relevant.

Bring in new customers while you’re at it

And as is the ultimate goal of marketing, contests do well to bring in new customers. Good word of mouth comes from the excitement of everyone opting-in to get the free prize. This sets potential customers up for a great first impression. They come in on the wave of excitement and the first thing they’re offered won’t cost them anything. They may not actually go home with the prize, but a good first impression has been made.

Mobiniti does mobile contests better than anyone

Like with coupons, contests can all be created, launched, and run through Mobiniti. It’s easy to set the number of winners, entries, and create automatic messages for the winners and losers. At the same time, you can use these messages to drive people to a storefront. Mobiniti is perfectly set to remarket to the losers with the ability to add coupons to the messages. It remarkets to the losers just as well as it automatically updates winners. 

It’s easy to create and run a mobile contest to your subscriber list. Not to forget it helps you stand out from your competition. Mobiniti’s contests feature can automatically notify a set number of winners and losers after a set timeframe. This is the kind of automation your business only needs to set and forget. Mobiniti’s contest feature should be regularly used in your campaigns, as Mobiniti should be a regular tool in your marketing toolkit. Make it so and sign up for Mobiniti and get started with contest right now!

Christopher Knighton joined the marketing industry in 2019 through an internship with Mobiniti. He brought his experience as an author of over half a dozen novels available on Amazon to work as a Marketing Specialist for the company. He writes marketing content for our numerous accounts, posts, and endeavors. He currently lives in Scranton, PA, and has a strong passion for writing and consuming content, on the page and on the screen.

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