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Coupons via text help you increase retail sales

Are you looking for the skinny on coupons, specifically whether or not to use paper, mobile, or text-based coupons? We’re here to dive into those details a bit and offer our strategic insight and guidance as to how you can grow your business using coupon marketing, specifically texting out mobile coupons.

Coupon marketing offers an incentive to customers. Coupons encourage people to go to your brick and mortar or online store in order to save money. They offer a strategic push to generate sales for you as well as reward your most loyal or new shoppers. They do this by giving potential customers an enticing product to look at and the chance to get it at a discounted rate. This invites them into your store more effectively than any Welcome Mat could!  

People make purchases when they have an idea of what they’re looking for and how much they can ‘save.’ Take advantage of a common marketing ploy behind sales, the idea that the customer saves money by spending it. In actuality, you are giving them a good reason to buy a product they have been holding off on buying. True, they aren’t saving any money by spending money. But rewarding your paying customers will increase your bottom line. This will build brand loyalty because your customers believe you are taking care of them and helping them save money.

Mobile coupons offer a clear benefit over paper coupons

Mobile coupons are easier to use over physical ones, and they are harder for customers to forget. Physical coupons have a distinct weakness that comes with being a physical material. To be used online, physical coupons have this obtrusive process of inputting a confirmation number. At a retail store, the person has to remember to bring it. In both instances, there are too many outside factors to stop or affect the purchase.

Did you know that there will be 1.05 billion digital coupon users by 2019? By 2022, mobile will account for 80% of coupons redemption according to Juniper Research. Mobile is clearly the future for coupon marketing. With coupon marketing, specifically, people can follow the link you put in your text message mobile coupons and make a purchase with the coupon already activated. According to a recent study, 79% of Americans are always within arms reach of their phone. Mobile wallets have made coupons easier to use than ever before!

Mobiniti Text Coupons boast a 98% open rate and showcase your branding

Did you know that text messages have an average open rate of 98%? What sets Mobiniti’s text message marketing services apart from our competition are the number of features we offer alongside mobile coupons. Mobiniti’s coupons are so easy-to-use and implement quickly. We figured out how to put as much crucial information into the coupon without it looking overstuffed or confusing.

An example of a mobile coupon from Harley Davidson and Mobiniti

Along with the actual discount, Mobiniti coupons can fit in a brand’s logo and the location at the top. A company can advertise who and where their store is without sacrificing the critical center area of the coupon. The discount or promotion, which should be front and center. The discount itself has ample room to breath giving viewers a clear incentive to go to your storefront.

And there is no confusion with how to save and use our coupons. It informs the customer of what mobile wallets the coupon is compatible with, right above description of the coupon. Giving your customers the ability to add their mobile coupons to their mobile wallets will ultimately drive incremental revenue and higher redemption rates.

Don’t forget the background features Mobiniti offers that the customer doesn’t see! You have control over expiration dates, the option to offer a scannable UPC option or redirect URL, the number of redemptions, which mobile wallets you want your coupons to be compatible with, and a plethora of data and analytics that help you to analyze the success of your campaign.

Mobiniti is your perfect partner for Coupon Marketing via text message

When it comes to getting people in the front door, there isn’t anything better than a mobile coupon. Why not try out Mobiniti and see how our mobile coupons can help to drive more revenue for you. Get started with no credit card required, no commitment, and no setup fees. Get started with Mobiniti today and get started sending mobile coupons via text right now.

Christopher Knighton joined the marketing industry in 2019 through an internship with Mobiniti. He brought his experience as an author of over half a dozen novels available on Amazon to work as a Marketing Specialist for the company. He writes marketing content for our numerous accounts, posts, and endeavors. He currently lives in Scranton, PA, and has a strong passion for writing and consuming content, on the page and on the screen.

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