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Sell Out Black Friday With SMS

The most common question we get asked by business owners about Black Friday is:

“How can I capture my customers attention on the most hectic day of the year?”

A Black Friday crowd swarming through the doors of a store to get to the Black Friday deals.

Sell out this Black Friday with SMS!

Use keywords to offer Black Friday savings

Ask your customers to text into a keyword to claim a special Black Friday savings. The benefit of using keywords to offer your promotion is it allows you to collect the mobile numbers who request your promotion to use for marketing purposes in the future.

For example, an apparel shop could setup the keyword ‘WINTER’ and advertise:

Text WINTER to 64600 for 25% off all winter clothing.

When a customer texts in to claim the deal they’ll be sent an automatic response which you can create yourself. In addition, they will automatically be put into a group on your Mobiniti account that you can later re-market to.

Flash sales and updates

This may be the most important of all… Whether it’s an update letting customers know you’re opening an hour later, you are giving an extra 15% off during a specific time frame, or you’re holding a massive sale for the entire weekend, send it by SMS!

The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day and 98% of text messages are read on average within 5 minutes,

so SMS is hands-down the best way to communicate time sensitive messages. Ditch the tweeting and emails… You are lucky if 10% of your customers actually see it.  Remember, customers want to know about your deals in real-time, it’s Black Friday!

Offer a free gift with each purchase

Send a free gift or a mobile coupon for exclusive savings to all customers who make an online or in-store purchase on Black Friday. Collect mobile numbers at purchase and send a text to let your customers know how to claim their gift or discount.

These campaigns can increase initial sales, future sales and help to build your re-marketing lists. If a customer subscribes for one deal, they definitely want to hear about future deals from your business.

Reward loyal customers

Send out a text message to your most loyal customers with a special deal that only people on your texting list can get! This creates exclusivity and builds a relationship with your customers who shop with you frequently.

Run a contest

Giveaways work like magic for catching your customers attention on social media and in store. Take it a next step further and run a Text-to-win contest. With Mobiniti, our platform allows you to automatically pick the winner of the contest at random and send the winning message. Set it, forget it, and watch as your re-marketing list begins to grow!