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Pinterest: 10 Tips to Grow Your Business Using It!

1. Sign up for a business profile.

Pinterest offers business accounts and personal accounts, both for free! The accounts do not look any different to viewers, however a business account is equipped with analytics and measurements of your business’s outreach on the site!

2. Interact and engage.

If someone comments a question, be sure to answer it or direct them somewhere that has the information that they need. Don’t stop there though, if a commentator compliments your brand, be sure to thank them for that comment. It is a simple and easy engagement that will have a huge impact on a customer’s image of your brand.

3. Follow other businesses.

Following other businesses on Pinterest will not only help to make connections with other companies, get you seen by potential customers, but it will also give you a sneak peek into another business’s marketing schemes. Are they doing something that you think works well? Can you modify it to make it work for your business? Give it a try!

4. Vary your content type.

Positing a variety of different content types, like quotes, links, photos, infographics, or lists is a great way to keep your Pinterest account engaging and interesting for followers. By mixing it up, you are ensuring that there is something on your page for everyone, and avoid losing followers for boring content.

5. Make sure that pictures are professional looking.

There is a lot of emphasis on photos on Pinterest because it is the biggest part of a post that is displayed. This means that the Pinterest posts that get the most attention are ones that contain a  nice looking, attention grabbing photo that relates to the topic of the pin. Make sure that your photos are high quality, clear, and related the text below it.

6. Make your board titles attention grabbing.

When people go to your business’s Pinterest profile, one of the first things that they will see is the names of the boards. For this reason, try to avoid naming them things like “Sales” or “Board One”. Try to give them better, more descriptive names, as this will help followers sort through your pins, and find what they are looking for easily.

7. Use your it to advertise your blog.

If you already have a blog, be sure to share the posts on your Pinterest. This is an easy way to get your articles out there, and increase traffic to your blog and website. Because you are already writing the articles, is is easy to use them as content for your Pinterest page.

8. Be consistent.

If you want to gain and keep followers, you need to post, comment, and pin consistently. People will begin to unfollow you if you are not posting frequently enough.

9. Share awesome content from other sources.

While your business should be the main focus of your Pinterest page, it does not have to be the only focus on the content that you post. You should pin and share content from other people and businesses that you think is cool, interesting, or creative. This will not only show that you are engaged in your Pinterest community, but it will get more people to check out what you are posting, and maybe encourage other users to share your content.

10. Make products pinnable on your website.

Allowing customers to pin things straight from your website, is important, especially for people selling tangible products or services. When people go to your site and pin something, it can get seen and even shared by people who have never heard of your business before.

So what are you waiting for? Get pinning! Leave me a comment with your best tip for using Pinterest for your business with Mobiniti – I would love to hear what your best pro-tip is!

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