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Zapier: Learn the Basics of Integration with Mobiniti SMS

Mobiniti users are now able to use Zapier to make daily tasks easier! Zapier, a free to use automation software, allows users to link apps and create workflows between them. Zapier supports over one thousand apps to date, and now one of them is Mobiniti! This means that you can connect your Mobiniti account to apps like Gmail, Shopify, Campaign Monitor, and many more!

Zapier is simple and easy to use. You just need an account, which you can sign up for here. Then you can search for the apps that you are trying to make a connection, or zap, between. Once you find it on the website, you can select one of the premade zaps for that app, or you can easily create your own zap by defining a trigger app and action with a result in another app. (Here’s a guide on how to create your own zaps!)

You have the option to use Mobiniti as a Trigger app or Action app. In simple terms, you are able to send data both ways from the Mobiniti platform via Zapier.

Below you will see the Trigger app view:

A visual example of what it looks like on Zapier when you are selecting a Mobiniti SMS Trigger. The choices are "New Contact" and "Update Contact."

Below you will see the Action app view:

There are thousands of different ways you can create automated events between Mobiniti and other Zapier supported apps. 

Below is 11 premade zaps examples including:

  • Send Mobiniti SMS for new Mautic form submissions
  • Send new Campaign Monitor subscribers a new Mobiniti SMS text
  • Add new SalesForce contacts as Mobiniti SMS contacts
  • Add new HubSpot contacts as Mobiniti SMS contacts
  • Send a Mobiniti SMS text when Google Calendar events start
  • Send Mobiniti SMS message to Shopify shoppers who abandon a cart
  • Add Zoho CRM contacts as new Mobiniti SMS contacts
  • Add new Drip subscribers as Mobiniti SMS contacts
  • Send new AWeber a Mobiniti SMS text
  • Send new GetResponse subscribers a Mobiniti SMS
  • Add new EventBrite attendees to a Mobiniti SMS contacts list

Stay tuned to see more and more Zaps that we will be creating every week. We’re excited to help make running and growing your business even easier!

Leave a comment below and tell us what Zaps you would like to make with Mobiniti!

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