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Why Save Money with Mobiniti?

Solving the problems of text marketing

There were two problems that plagued text marketing before Mobiniti launched its platform, a lack of features and overpriced costs to use them.

Mobiniti launched with a plethora of features, quality packages, and custom quotes for everyone and anyone.

Text Marketing made simple

Advertise your keyword and short code

Promote, engage, and delight with a plethora of features

Delight in seeing your sales and success grow

See Mobiniti's competitively priced, fully-featured platform

  • The most competitive pricing
  • 30+ features included, free of charge
  • Powerful opt-in tools and marketing automation features to grow your business
  • No commitment, cancel anytime, no hidden fees

You’ll have everything you need to grow your list of contacts and drive them to your store.

Not a single dollar wasted

When you put time and effort into your messages, you get a return on your investment.

Because when a text message is sent, the odds it’s not opened and read are next to zero.

Then our system works on the backend to make sure you never waste time and money sending to fake or dead phone numbers, unlike competitors. 

  • Bounce protection settings
  • Bounce removal
  • Message tracking

Never lose a dollar with our powerful tools.

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Packages & Pricing

These are our basic packages for low volume plans.

Pay As You Go

  • 1 Keyword

($25 each Additional/mo.)

  • 100 Msgs

($0.05 each Additional)

  • 0 Social Profiles

($0.05 each Additional)

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$49/ MO
  • 4 Keyword

($25 each Additional/mo.)

  • 1,500 Msgs

($0.03 each Additional)

  • 100 Social Profiles

($0.04 each Additional)

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$99/ MO
  • 4 Keyword

($25 each Additional/mo.)

  • 3000 Msgs

($0.027 each Additional)

  • 200 Social Profiles

($0.04 each Additional)

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$149/ MO
  • 8 Keyword

($20 each Additional/mo.)

  • 4500 Msgs

($0.025 each Additional)

  • 300 Social Profiles

($0.04 each Additional)

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