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Shared Short Codes

What are Shared Short Codes?

Shared Short Codes are five or six-digit phone numbers that serve as the foundation of SMS marketing, i.e. our 64600 short code.

A short code sends out all of your messages, and the phone number subscribers respond to.

In other words, with Short Codes you can send out an unlimited number of text messages at once for marketing campaigns, contests, and other kinds of promotions.

They serve as a number that’s easy for customers to remember so they can subscribe to your text marketing groups.

A visual example of how short codes work.

The Power of Shared Short Codes

Shared Short Codes at Mobiniti are iconic. This means people know it’s you when you send them a text without having to add a name to your number. 

After that, your brand expands and becomes a part of the device that your subscribers always carry with them. 

You are reaching a wide array of people at once, in a way 75% of people prefer. Your brand stretches everywhere in the cheapest way that makes your subscribers happy.

Text messages are not intrusive, especially from easily recognizable Shared Short Codes.

Shared Short Code example in a person's contacts.


What is Long-Code Messaging?

For an even more personal touch, send SMS using a local, standard 10-digit phone number.

Use them against a scaled-down number of subscribers. You get a number for your area code for personalization and are even able to forward call-backs to your business phone.

In addition, these are used by you and only you. To compare, Shared Codes are where other users are also sending messages and receiving them through that number.

Since only you use this code and it’s dedicated to you, there are no restraints on what keyword you use other than that you can only use it once at a time.

Long-Code vs Short Code

Long Code

  • More digits.
  • Make calls.
  • One-on-one texting.
  • No mass texting.

 Sometimes subscribers become regular customers from calling and one-on-one texting, not just texting alone.

Older audiences aren’t as able or used to texting, which makes a Long-Code preferable.

Short Code

  • Fewer digits.
  • No calling.
  • Unlimited mass messaging.
  • Easy to remember.

Long-Codes have more digits in their numbers than Short Codes, so they are harder to remember in place of being more familiar and resembling a person.

 Short Codes are clearly and honestly coming from a company, being easier to remember and recognize compared to most Long-Codes.

SMS vs MMS that shows how text marketing is supposed to appear in a campaign message..

Toll-Free Numbers

What are Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll-Free Numbers resemble long codes with their 10-digit length but have a distinct three-digit code in the beginning.

They have the abilities of both Shared Short Codes and Long-Codes. Toll-Free can use SMS, MMS,  mass messaging, but also use Voice Call and 1-on-1 texting functions. 

They can be dialed from landlines without charging the person sending the message or placing the call. 

The Power of Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers are the ultimate phone number to use in your text message marketing.

You can do all the messaging you would from Short Codes and Long-Codes from one number, which when 61% of Millennials think business should use the same number for calling and texting, is incredibly important.

When the upcoming generations, the expanding new audience, prefer one form over the others, you want to use that form.

Having everything come from one place builds and strengthens your brand awareness and loyalty too. It also brings down the cost.

Get all the features of two different numbers in one lower price. You get the best all in one package. Toll-Free Numbers have everything there is to have for text message marketing.

International SMS

What is International SMS?

We are connected to mobile carriers around the globe, so send SMS to your subscribers wherever they are.

  • Send SMS messages to billions of people across 150+ countries.
  • Use a local phone number for over 30+ of them.
  • Use a custom name as the sender ID  for your outbound messages.
  • Reach them like you would anyone in North America.

International marketing is no longer an afterthought.

International SMS example with a branded short domain.

The Power of International SMS

3.5 billion people have smartphones around the world.

You can reach every corner of the world through SMS like you would in the United States. Offer your overseas subscribers a local experience to the best of your ability with this option.

Your competitors won’t be doing the same, only 3.9% of small businesses trade internationally, you’ll have a marketing monopoly on your foreign market.

Text messaging has become a service used around the world, which means people can be marketed and sold to around the world too.

Automate drip messages with automation and integrations like this.

Anything Can Go Out

Welcome Messages

This message greets every opt-in, this is your subscribers’ first impression of your text message marketing.

The phone number subscribers see messaging them is the number they associate with you. Your choice is important for the impression you want to give. 

Do you want to be easily and immediately recognizable in a Short Code, or appear more personal with a full 10-digit number? We can help you figure out what’s best for you.

Campaign Messages

Campaign Messages are the crux of text marketing.

You put your marketing efforts into a short, direct, well-crafted message that is sent out to your subscribers en masse.

These are regular messages that people opt-in to receive.

These are your promotions and deals that you send out with discounts, sale information, or details on your product.

When people see a message from your code, they’re prepared to expect a campaign message.

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Contest Messages

Contests are built on the idea of a prize.

When from the Shared Short Code and Toll-Free Number, they’re built to be easy to join and win.

The Shared Short Code and Toll-Free Number serves not only as a way to opt-in to your marketing groups but your contests as well.

As part of a special promotion and reward to your subscribers, your Code becomes a tool to build brand loyalty, and it carries back to your regular marketing messages soon after. 

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Drip Messages

Sometimes one message isn’t enough for a campaign, one promotion lasts longer than another before it.

Follow the Campaign with Drip messages to keep it going, all from your Code.

The use of Drip messages builds-up the recognition subscribers have with your Short Code.

These small, simple extensions of a promotion remind subscribers that you exist through a short five or six-digit number.

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Automate drip messages like this with automation and integrations.

Abandoned Cart Messages

Shopify and Mobiniti have come together to create an integration where Mobiniti sends a message with a person’s abandoned cart when they leave a Shopify storefront before checkout.

Our users only need to link their Mobiniti and Shopify accounts from either application’s settings.

These messages go out from your Code, utilizing the brand you’ve built with your code to get that final sale from a subscriber.

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