How to Utilize Text Messages During COVID-19: Places of Worship

Right now, all around the world, we are suffering from a pandemic that threatens our lives. Now, as we shield ourselves from the COVID-19 virus in our homes, our livelihoods and communities are at risk without our places of worship. 

By doing what is necessary to stay safe, we place such great importance on online communication. It may seem like it’s the only way we can, but online communication is even more chaotic than it’s ever been. It’s public, it lacks filters, and in a hectic time, we can’t afford to misinform and confuse ourselves.  

We can't pray together face to face at our places of worship, but texting can help us with alternatives.
The best way to communicate now.

When we can no longer talk to face to face, we still have our phones as our remaining direct line of communication. With mass text communication that Mobiniti offers, there are ways we can stay strong and stay together.

That may not sound like much, but there is a whole lot we can do with text messages, places of worship especially. We may not be able to pray together as we like, but we can do something.

Use text alerts to promote donations for the community

We may not be able to be face-to-face or hand-in-hand with each other, but that we can still do things for each other. Charity is an important aspect of most beliefs, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddism all caring for it. Mobiniti’s text messages can make the process and success of charity higher, even in these trying times. Text alerts are like any marketing message, but instead of marketing a product, they remind people of when, where, and how they can help others.

All places of worship can promote donation drives for the local community or another non-profit organization. Send a text of clothing items people can donate, advertise items for a food drive, and create alerts about supplies for someone less fortunate in the neighborhood. Mass text messages work better for getting the word out about those who need help and how to help them. Facebook and email blasts aren’t going to get the job done. A message directly to the community’s pockets is a direct reminder of how we can help each other.

Take advantage of mobile donor cards

With our mobile coupons feature, you can create and send out donor cards that go right into everyone’s mobile wallets. These are for more than showing how committed someone is to charitable service. 

Donor cards can bring you right to the site where you can make a donation. It’s a source for people to go to for consistent information on how to help others, all without leaving home. Send a donor card in a quick, easy, and widespread text blast. Afterward, everyone will be able to help others from their phone.

People can do more and know more than they could before they were locked in their homes. And because the donor cards added to someone’s wallet don’t have to be redeemed. That’s a source of charity always on someone’s phone. Or you can set an expiration date at the end of every month. Then at the start of every month, people get a new donor card, a regular reminder of how they can help someone else. This could serve as a replacement for reminder texts if your place of worship helps more than one effort.

A charity could use Mobiniti to send out donor cards. Their donor cards take people right to their website where people can donate. Donor cards never get used up or naturally deleted. As long as someone never deletes it from their mobile wallet, they’re always able to do something for the greater good. All from their phone too.

Use texts to send links for your Facebook live ceremonies

In a time where we can’t come together in our places of worship, many of our religious leaders have gotten creative. They have started holding prayer and ceremonies over Facebook’s live streaming feature. It’s an excellent way to broadcast faith to the community, but Facebook isn’t the best for letting everyone know when a live stream is happening.

Your live stream will get lost in the shuffle of Facebook. The same can be said of any reminder post about when it’s supposed to happen. The best way to make sure people find your live stream is to send them a link ahead of time. Add your links to Mobiniti with ease. To assure as many people find the live stream in time for prayer, add the link to your message. A simple click will take them to you.

Facebook, like most social media sites and email, is cluttered with your friends’ voices and miscellaneous thoughts. That doesn’t even include all the ads, spam, and strangers who fill up people’s feeds. Text messages come straight from the source and go directly to the target audience. There’s no worry that the link to your live stream won’t get to them.

Use texts to keep the community together

Sometimes just knowing that others are thinking of you can help in these trying times. Knowing that your God loves you and is caring for you and your community can help someone through the day. 

The words of the church, temple, mosque, or synagogue shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle. They would be with Facebook posts and email spam. Send a message of care and love right to your community’s pocket.

We can't go to our places of worship, but we can still worship together.

If you are new to text message marketing during COVID-19, we at Mobiniti are offering unlimited support in helping in this implementation of texting. We also offer pricing assistance to make it as affordable as possible. We want to help everyone as much as possible.

Your first campaign is even free on us. Just contact Mobiniti today to learn more.

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