How to Utilize Text Messages During COVID-19: Restaurants

Right now, all around the world, we are suffering from a pandemic that threatens our lives. Now, as we shield ourselves from the COVID-19 virus in our homes, our livelihoods and communities are at risk. 

By doing what is necessary to stay safe, we place such great importance on online communication. It seems like it’s the only way we can, but online communication is even more chaotic than it’s ever been. It’s public, it lacks filters, and in a hectic time, we can’t afford to misinform and confuse ourselves.  

When we can no longer talk to face to face, we still have our phones as our remaining direct line of communication. With the mass text communication that Mobiniti offers, there are ways we can stay strong and stay together.

That may not sound like much, but there is a whole lot we can do with text messages, restaurants especially. Many may not realize it, but restaurants are a social industry where people come inside and eat around each other. Not anymore, not right now. To keep local restaurants and businesses afloat in these trying times, they need to adapt, and text message marketing can aid in that endeavor.

Use texts to set up curbside pickup

Eat-in restaurants are now places where germs can easily spread the virus. To overcome this, most businesses have transitioned to curbside pickup to survive because of how drastically it reduces the risk of infection, but not being careful can raise the risk.

No touching.

For the health of your employees and the health of your customers, use text messages to co-ordinate curbside pickup. Your restaurant is likely doing more online and over the phone purchases than it ever has before if it did before. Don’t slow down dealing with the precise instructions over the phone, online, or through social media. Items and orders will get lost that way. You, like everyone else, need to make a profit. This is not the time to sacrifice quality service. 

This is how you do it

Sending mass text messages with instructions on how to arrive, call ahead, and proceed will reduce everyone’s stress and maintain order in all the chaos. Not to mention, a text message is permanent and set in stone. You can always go back to it and connect it to the person who ordered it.

With Mobiniti Inbox you can speak one-on-one with your customers too. You can track their orders, their stated arrival times, and any extra instructions they give you. When they send you text and images through SMS and MMS, you can view it all from your computers. From there, everything can be easily transitioned to any of your other programs so you can prepare their food for their arrival. 

Restaurants should advertise the best meals for the occasion

Anything that can go in a box, can be sold.

Whether your restaurant is transitioning to delivery or curbside pickup, you likely won’t be offering everything on your menu. Certain items work better in a delivery box than others. Some work better in portions and some will lose their favor over the ride. Use text message marketing to let your customers know what you’re offering.

Don’t let your customers spend their time being disappointed with what you can’t offer. Make them excited with what you can. Take your best items, describe them in detail and with pictures, and send that to your customers. Make them salivate with the image of what they could be having. They don’t want whatever canned food they stocked up on in this crisis. They’re stuck with whatever they can make at home, and it will look like cat food compared to what you’re cooking.

Text them what you got

Don’t be afraid to capitalize on simple classics and what’s easiest to make. You can send them something gourmet but if that’s not selling, settle on a classic item. So when you have a grill, advertise burgers. If you specialize in desserts, then you advertise cake. Got a deep fryer? Send them a picture of some golden fries. 

Now is not the time to try and experiment with something new. Now is the time to push what you know sells and what you know works. Everyone is in the circumstance as you, now is the time to show off how your food is the best.

If your burgers look like this, show it.

And if you are new to text message marketing during COVID-19, we at Mobiniti are offering unlimited support in helping in this implementation of texting. We also offer pricing assistance to make it as affordable as possible. We want to help everyone as much as possible.

Your first campaign is even free on us. Just contact Mobiniti today to learn more, or see our blog for more tips.

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