Emojis: New Marketing Feature (In BETA)

As always, Mobiniti is always looking for ways to better its list of features with improvements and additions. We’re excited to announce that a new feature has entered beta for users who request Early Access with their Account Manager, Emojis. 

Text marketing has always been and will continue to be about sending personalized messages. 92% of the online population uses emojis daily, it seems impersonal to never use them. Now if you enter our Early Access program and when they launch from their beta phase, our users will have a plethora of Emojis they can use to better appeal to their subscribers.

Emojis all the time, so should the companies marketing to them.

As of right now, there are a few limitations on Emoji use that garner common questions. We have the answers to the most common questions. 

  • Can I use an Emoji anywhere in Mobiniti? As stated, they can be added to any type of text messages we offer from campaigns to contests. 
  • How many characters does an Emoji take up? Emojis take up 70 characters. This means for SMS messages, they are best used to condense text. The emotional or mental thought you’re trying to trigger can be done with an Emoji.
  • Can I use multiple Emojis in a single message? If you are using MMS, yes, you can use many as it allows for 1,500 characters. SMS will only support 2 emojis and a remaining 20 characters for use. With SMS you have to make every character count if you want to use more than one Emoji.
  • Do you have an Emoji keyboard in Mobiniti? Not yet, for now you will need to copy and paste from 3rd party Emoji keyboard websites. This feature is coming soon!

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