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Web Opt-in Page: Mobiniti Key Feature Update

Mobiniti’s Web Opt-In Page Just Got Even Better!

Mobiniti recently released a new update that allows the capability of adding additional custom fields to Web Opt-in Page. In the past, you could only collect phone numbers. Now you’re able to collect more data for SMS marketing efforts or any information that you or your business may need.

Web Opt-In pages are tools that should convince potential customers to join your marketing list. You can have this page on your company’s website, social media page, or linked through its own separate website. 

The most important thing to remember when creating the opt-in page is to use transparent language in it. The viewer should be able to easily tell who your company is, what you do, and what you are going to do with their information. Clearly state why you would like their personal information and what you specifically intend to do with it. This maintains trust between your company and your new subscriber.

How It Works:

  1. Add up to 5 custom fields
  2. Change the placeholder text
  3. Re-arrange the order of the fields
  4. Make fields optional or required

Some use-case examples include asking for subscribers’ names, email addresses, gender, and birth date. After collecting these new data, we recommend utilizing the filters option under advanced settings to run targeted SMS marketing campaigns. We also recommend adding personalization to your messages by including a name in the introduction.

This is a visual example of a Web Opt-in Page on a tablet.

Web Opt-in Pages don’t stop there!

You can also now have your opt-in page submissions redirect to a URL.  (see below)

TIP:  Offer an incentive for subscribing such as a free eBook download or article. Once a subscriber enters their information on the Web Opt-in Page, redirect them to a free eBook download or article.

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